Short Message Service Marketing Makes the Most Out of 160 Text Characters

by | Jun 14, 2024 | Cannabis | 0 comments

To some, the very idea of SMS promotion is silly. Conventional mobile device messaging apps tend to be limited to around 1,280 bits per message. Since there are eight bits to a byte, this normally translates into 160 characters. Multimedia message enhancements have relaxed this to a point, but there are still several tough limitations to deal with when promoting a business this way.

Among the most important of these is the fact that most people don’t check any text they consider spam. Many cellular customers get so many messages regularly that they tend to ignore even those from close friends. Despite these major challenges, SMS marketing experts are finding new ways to promote companies through the 21st-century equivalent of telegrams sent through a publicly switched network.

By leveraging the power of opt-in SMS marketing campaigns, some advertising departments have been able to reach customers who would have otherwise ignored anything sent to their handset. Individuals who take the time to sign up for something are effectively asking to get reached, so there’s much less of a barrier to market to them. Assuming that they’re offered good deals regularly, these customers will respond to texts that get sent their way.

Discounts and special offers are proving to be a good way for SMS marketing to get customers to sign up for their opt-in services to begin with. A few enterprising small business owners are even thinking of replacing their email newsletter services with this kind of promotion, which is a strong indication of how much impact it has.